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Luxurious Cat Condos for Boarding in Bozeman, MT

The idea for my Kitty Condos for cat boarding started when I had to leave MY cat at the vet while I went on vacation. I can't even begin to express the immense guilt I felt when I saw the cramped box in which I had to leave her (haven't we all been there?) As I flew to my destination, using a cocktail napkin, I started sketching what I thought would be the ideal set-up for a cat that could not be left at home. Since that day, in the summer of 1990, ideas have come and gone and I finally have what I want... exactly what I want!

Personalized Kitty Condos

Every cat will have her own 4'x4'x4' ft condo (16 sq feet) with a 2'x3' window to watch birds feeding & bathing just outside their reach. She can also have as much as 64 sq ft w/ 4 windows. It is your choice how much space you want her to have. The condos face the morning sun so kitty can sunbathe all day. I have also had the windows tinted so the room stays a comfortable temperature while providing lots of light as kitties love. Each condo has a double decker wicker bed. There is also an outside wire mesh enclosed yard for kitty to explore, climb cat trees, and sunbathe.

Kitty Condo Boarding Amenities

  • 16 square foot condos
  • Litter boxes (sanitized daily)
  • Double Decker wicker beds
  • Daily times outside of condo
  • Outdoor wire mesh enclosed yard
  • Tinted windows for temperature control
  • Windows facing the morning sun
Cat Condo 2 — Pet Boarding in Bozeman, MT
Cat Condo 1 — Pet Boarding in Bozeman, MT
Cat Condo 3 — Pet Boarding in Bozeman, MT

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