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Mailing Address: PO Box 739, Gallatin Gateway MT, 59730
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Doggie Daycare is located at 421 Garnet Mountain Way on 2.2 acres in Gallatin Gateway just 2/10 of a mile off Hwy 191 for easy access from Bozeman, Big Sky, Belgrade, West Yellowstone and Ennis area. This is my 4th facility and the 1st facility I was fortunate to build from the ground up starting November of 2000. I am the proud owner of the 1st Doggie Daycare in SW Montana and you can read about me on the about us page. My home sits in the front of the property and is a mere 40 feet from the facility. I would never be able to drive away at the end of the day and leave them behind. The building is 2000 sq ft of aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable and functional space with an additional 800 sq ft outdoor partially enclosed play area for inclement weather which opens up into the large yards totaling over 1 acre. The dogs have 6 different fenced yards offering over 45,000 sq ft. They sleep really well after a day of play.
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The yards closest to the facility have K9Grass which is a synthetic grass much like what you see in indoor sports arenas. This year round grass helps keep the dogs clean by never puddling or letting any mud or unwanted debris up through the weave. The dogs absolutely love playing and rolling around on it. A large portion of it is under the partially enclosed play area so Fido can go out and do his business regardless of the weather. This makes for a lot less indoor accidents whether we are potty training a young one or insuring outdoor relief in the middle of winter. A rain storm does not have to be agonizing to my more finicky guests.
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Spacious yard for Fido to play
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Pet Beds — Pet Boarding in Bozeman, MT
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Three Dog Running — Pet Boarding in Bozeman, MT
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All pets are housed indoors during feeding, nap and night time. In traditional (archaic to me) kenneling, dogs are expected to get a majority if not all of their exercise in their 'kennel run'. The 'kennel run' is a term I do not use nor do I use that space for anything other than relaxing, eating, treat chewing, or sleeping. My Doggie Daycare was built on the belief that dogs should exercise in some place other than their motel room or 'living space'. Small spaces 24/7 are meant for prisoners not my 4-legged clients. I think it is important to allow dogs a place or space to call their own and not have to worry about pecking order 24/7 as is common in ‘cageless’ boarding. In any group of canines there will be the top dog(s) and the bottom dog(s).Why should the top dog(s) have preference to sleeping areas and when and where play time will occur? This should be a huge consideration for you as the parent/owner when looking for a facility to care for your dog(s). Here I believe there is a time and place for socializing just as there is a time and place for personal space opportunity.

Enclosed Play Area

In the middle of the facility building is a 16’x 24’ (almost 400sq ft) enclosed play area with access to the outside yards through a clear vinyl strip door to keep heat and cold out but so the dogs can come and go as they please. I love that they can come in if too hot or cold and they love the change of scenery and being able to watch what’s going on all the time. Inside the facility pets enjoy air-conditioning all summer long. In cooler weather the heat is radiant so it flows from a warm floor upwards. This really helps our arthritic and older dogs. Surround sound music plays in the facility all day and night to help soothe and relax everyone. This also aids to block out certain noises that make some dogs feel 'on alert'. This can be exhausting to feel so reactive to every little noise, start barking and then everyone else feels the need to get on alert, start barking and then no one can rest or digest!
Throughout the facility there is over 64 sq ft of natural light from 8 skylights I had built into the ceiling. Fluorescent lighting is not good for anyone's eyes and I personally do not like that 'cooped up' feeling when there are no windows. We are accustomed to having windows in our own house although this may not be the case at our place of work and I have read studies on how this can affect one's mood. You know how natural light makes you feel, especially in our long winters. Dog's may feel the same.

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